Faq's Chofix.com

Make a booking

Chofix.com is a totally secure and reliable booking platform. In various ways and forms we protect you and your money. With us you can travel completely calm.

  1. Payment security and personal data: Chofix.com has an SSL certificate and other online encryption methods to protect your personal data. In addition, your card details are not stored at any time in our database and at no time do we have access to it, always making payment within the secure payment gateway of your own bank.
  2. Security of optimal performance of your service: The Chofix.com customer service team is always watching over the optimal development of your reserved service, protecting your interests at all times: That a driver is too late? What is not presented with the chairs agreed for your children? Who does not attend to your calls or messages in the chat? for any of the cases we will look for solutions even proposing another driver at no additional cost or even proceeding to refund your money in case of failure by the driver.

We only work with trusted contractors: we study their certificates, we check the validity period of their driving licenses and insurance policies. Among other things, the clients of our service always evaluate the performance of drivers. We analyze user feedback and continue to work only with those contractors whose order history is impeccable.

The system offered by Chofix.com always guarantees the best price on the market, without intermediaries and direct communication between driver and passenger. The process of a reservation is divided into 3 fundamental phases:

  1. Fill in the form with the information of your trip, including the details (pick-up address, destination address, if you need intermediate stops, if you need child seats ...) and especially the types of vehicle you want to receive offers on.
  2.  Once the request is made, you will immediately start receiving direct offers from drivers and companies, legally established in the area you travel.
  3. Once you have reviewed each of the offers and decided on one, you will proceed to pay for it through secure methods. Once the payment is made, you receive in your email, your voucher and direct contact with your driver: name, phone, vehicle registration, etc. From that moment on, I could contact Him directly.
  4. If you still have a problem with your driver or cannot contact him, the Chofix.com team is at your disposal to provide solutions; from looking for a new driver to being able to make a full refund of your money in the event that the service has not been performed within the agreed in the reservation process.

We are on your side, and with us, your money is safe from problems that may arise during your trip.

At Chofix.com last minute transfer reservations are welcome. Only 4 hours before your arrival time you can request offers.

Of course, with so little advance we can not guarantee that offers will arrive or that they will be the price or vehicle you want, since as a rule, the last hour is usually more expensive than a normal reservation in advance.

The more advance you make in your reservation, the more and better offers you will receive, with more variety of vehicle types to choose from. As far as possible, we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible.

If you are traveling with children and need safety seats, reserve as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.

We accept all type of credit/debit cards including AMERICAN EXPRESS

If you choose a transfer / transfer service where you have not reserved extra waiting time, the driver will only wait a maximum of 60 minutes from the time you set up the pickup.

An option not recommended is that they set the pick-up time to a time where they ensure that the passengers of the latest flight have arrived. This has a problem, and that is that some of the flights arrive late, in this case the driver will not be able to wait more than the allotted 60 minutes.

The most recommended options, when they come on two flights are:

  • Optimal: make two reservations, one for each flight, so no one waits for anyone, and all passengers arrive at their destination without long waits at the airport for the next group to arrive.
  • Good, if you still want to go together in the same vehicle, you can reserve a provision by the hour, where the driver will be waiting without problems for all the contracted time, whatever it is, since it will be at your entire disposal.

There is no type of problem, you only have to indicate it in your offer request, adding as many stops as you need, and all the offers will be sent according to your needs.

Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else. They only have to indicate the name of the passenger traveling in the reservation confirmation process and, if they wish, their telephone number so that the driver can contact them directly.

You can also indicate the name of that passenger but continue to maintain their telephone number, so that in case of doubt or contact we will do it directly with you instead of with that person.

Select route

Of course we do, we use mapping technology so that you can specify your exact pickup or destination address. Our transfers are fully personalized and tailored to your needs, so, although most of our clients make their reservations from airports, stations or cruise ports, you can request pick-up at your home, hotel or anywhere you want

In this case you have two options:

  • Make two separate reservations, one for the outward journey and one for the return journey. (Not recommended)
  • Selecting in your request that you want the return trip and the origin of the return, it gives us the new pick-up / destination location. (recommended)

Don't worry, at Chofix.com we use map technologies so that you can directly put your exact pick-up address or the pick-up / destination location in our search engine, once all the options that match your search are displayed, select your place of origin Exactly from the list.

Prices and payment

We accept different forms of payment, adapting to the most current forms of payment.

Payment methods such as PayPal (with a small increase due to the high fees that Paypal charges for using it), Visa credit / debit, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In most cases, you can request an invoice for your service in the process prior to paying your reservation; You will see a check that will allow you to receive the invoice instantly in your email once your reservation has been paid.

In addition to email, in your private area you can download it at any time.

In the few cases that the reservation process does not allow you to request an invoice, you can request it directly from your driver, through chat, email, telephone, WhatsApp or any other contact method that we have provided with the driver.

In the price offered by the driver, everything is included: Waiting at the airport, gasoline, road tolls, if there are any on the route, are also included in the price, taxes and tips. It is a closed price where you will not have to pay anything else to anyone else.

If you choose an hourly car rental, meals and driver accommodation will be included in the final price if necessary.

We occasionally offer discount coupon promotions through our social media profiles. Follow us to stay up to date with all our active promotions.

Regarding prices, you receive the direct price of a legally constituted driver / company, so you cannot find a lower price for a similar service in the market.

All our services are reserved and paid in advance with Visa or MasterCard through our website. Drivers cannot accept cash payments.

In addition to security reasons, advance payment is the only way to guarantee the reservation of a vehicle and driver exclusively for your group on the requested date and time.

Remember that transfers booked online can be canceled with the right of return up to 24 hours before the service.

Our prices include all the expenses of the transfer. Tips to drivers are not necessary.

Luggage and Extras

As a general rule you can travel with one cabin suitcase per person, for example in a car with capacity for 4 passengers, 4 passengers and 4 cabin suitcases could travel. If you travel alone, and need to carry more than one suitcase, there would be no problem either.

The most important thing is this case, it is common sense; Once you receive the offer for your transfer, you will be able to see the vehicle that will come for you and you will be able to carry all the luggage that fits in the trunk of the same, being in no case possible to place luggage in the passenger compartments.

Please book a vehicle with the appropriate capacity for the needs of your group and if necessary, contact your driver once the reservation is made to ensure that all your luggage fits smoothly.

During the reservation process, there is a ‚’ ’Observations’ ’field where you will indicate this extra baggage. Remember that, if you have any questions about the luggage and the characteristics of the vehicle, you can contact your driver, once the reservation is made, or the Chofix.com customer service team.

Yes, we have all types of approved child and baby safety seats for all your transportation and private taxi needs. Don't forget to request them in the bid request process. The types of seats we have available are:

  1. Group 0, maxicosi for babies up to 10kg;
  2. Group 1 and 2, convertibles for children from 9 to 25kg; 
  3. Group 3, lifts for children from 22 to 36kg.

The safety of your children and all passengers travelling with us is our top priority.

Pets are welcome at Chofix.com. You can travel with your pet in our vehicles as long as they go in their corresponding carrier. Still, if you are traveling with a pet, say so in the observations on the application, as well as its size to ensure there is enough space for it.

Of course, you can program the number of stops you need during the offer request process. They can be inside or outside the destination town. In the application process, just below the pick-up location, you will see a link that says "add intermediate stops" which will open a drop-down where you can enter the number of stops, the place and their duration.

We are a customized private transfer service and as such, we can make all your needs in terms of land transport of people come true.

As a general answer Yes, but we will qualify:

  • Your wheelchair is foldable: in this case it will fit practically in any type of vehicle, even so indicate it in the observations of the request for offers process.
  • Your chair is a non-folding motorized vehicle that needs a ramp: In this case, you must select the type of vehicle "adapted" in the request for offers process, since it is the only range of vehicles in which we can guarantee that it is prepared for your needs.

Before trip

All the services offered on Chofix.com are for private transfers. With us you will not have to share a vehicle since all our offers are for a vehicle for exclusive use.

This will allow you to spend your time on what is truly important, your trip, without having to endure the endless dead times between passengers; therefore, you will avoid the queues and you can make a direct trip to your destination, without stops and with the greatest comfort.

First of all, try to contact him. The contact details of the drivers are specified in the order confirmation message. If you are unable to contact the driver by phone, report the situation to the customer service team. We will try to find another driver or refund your money.

No, all our services are private transfer, so only you and your group will enjoy the contracted service

Chofix is very committed to environmental issues and if you want, you do not have to print your voucher, you just need to carry it on your mobile. As you can see, this voucher has a QR code that makes it easy for the driver to read with his own phone.

Booking confirmations are generally sent shortly after receipt of payment. However, if an hour has passed since I formalized the payment of your reservation, you have not received a confirmation email, you can request it from our customer service team or you can download your receipt in your private area.

Sometimes, depending on the manager of your email, our reservation confirmation email may go to your SPAM folder. Please also check that folder to see if it was there.

No problem! You can download your receipt in your private area or request it from your customer service team.

Always! Chofix.com provides direct contact with your driver once you have confirmed the reservation by making the payment. You will receive in your email the name, email and telephone number of your driver from the first moment, so that you can contact him at any time.

You will know at all times what brand, model and registration the vehicle that will come to take you to your destination has, and it is none other than the same vehicle with which you received your offer.

At Chofix.com the legally constituted drivers / companies send you offers for your request, indicating the make, model, color and registration of your vehicle. When you confirm a reservation, you are simultaneously confirming the same vehicle offered.

Changes and cancelations

You can cancel your reservation from your private area, where you will see a button on your reservation that will allow you to request its cancellation.

Standard transfers can be canceled up to 24 hours before the transfer. Cancellations notified with less than 24 hours are not subject to return, except in some cases if the Cancellation Protection has been purchased.

In your voucher you put the deadline at all times to request the cancellation for free and with full refund of your money.

If you have to cancel your transfer less in advance for reasons beyond your control such as flight cancellations, we can provide you with a letter confirming the cancellation that you can use to claim the cost of the transfer from your travel insurance or directly from the airline or tour operator.

You can always speak directly with your driver to make basic reservation modifications such as pick-up time, add a passenger (as long as the capacity of the reserved vehicle allows it) and other such operations, but we recommend that you also inform us of these changes by sending an email to [email protected], so that in case you want to make a claim against the driver, we have the real information of the reservation.

Any change from a vehicle to a larger one must be requested from our customer service team, by phone or email, who will inform you of availability and the price difference, if any. If there is a price difference, the team will send you a link so that you can formalize the payment of said difference.

These drastic changes must be carried out, in order to guarantee availability at least 24 or 48 hours before the start of your reservation, since with less we could have availability problems, especially in high season.

With less than 24 hours, we do not guarantee that we can locate you in a larger vehicle, although we would do our best to do so.

Without any problem, and mainly two cases can occur.

  • That the change of passengers does not influence the capacity of the vehicle, that is, if you had reserved for 2 people and now there are 3, in a vehicle of up to 4 seats, there would be no problem (as long as the total luggage fits in the trunk of the vehicle), and they would only have to inform their driver of said change.
  • That the change in number of passengers requires a change of vehicle. In this case, you should inform the customer service team as soon as possible, so they can check availability and confirm if there is any price difference.

In any case, you should inform your driver as soon as possible so that you can readjust the new arrival time.

If you do it well in advance, there should be no problems in making said change by the driver, but it may happen that you do it within the last 24 or 12 hours and in that case, with all the planning very fitted in the day, some driver may have trouble with that change. In that change, please contact the Chofix.com customer service team as soon as possible, so they can give you a solution.

No problem! Contact your driver at least 24 hours before your transfer that will attend to your request. In case the change involves a price difference, you must contact our team who will send you a link so that you can make such payment.

For modifications of transfers in less than 24 hours, please contact our Customer Service team at any of our office numbers

Please remember that any change requested less than 24 hours in advance (local time) is subject to availability.

In the trip

The free waiting time at the airport is 60 minutes. If the delay is more than an hour, please contact us by phone (check the contact numbers on our website) or write to [email protected] using the email of your request. You can also contact us through online chat.

As a rule, your driver always waits for you in the same arrival hall with a sign with your name, both at the airport and at train stations.

In ports at the exit of the same and in homes and hotels, at the same door of the same.

But one of the many good things you have to book with Chofix.com is that you receive from the first moment the phone number of your driver so that you can coordinate directly with Him, your pick up location.

General questions

If you have forgotten any belongings in your transfer, please contact your driver as soon as possible so that he can check the vehicle and in the event that said object is inside, to coordinate with you the recovery of the same.

Any expenses that this incurs will be totally attached to you. Chofix.com is not responsible for any expense caused by loss of objects and is exempt from liability for lost or forgotten objects in a vehicle.

Minors must always be accompanied by at least one adult. We are unable to arrange transfers for unaccompanied minors.

If you have any type of problem during your trip, please contact us immediately so that we have the opportunity to register the incident and assist in its resolution.

If the service received has not been to your liking or has not been adjusted to what was agreed in the reservation, first of all, negatively assess the driver in your private area, so that other passengers take it into account and, on the other, send us your complaint by email so that we can start a dispute with the driver to defend their interests and we can make a refund.

In order for us to investigate any incident or complaint, we require that you notify us in writing within a maximum period of 15 days after the transfer.

The drivers of our private transfers will wait for you at the meeting point specified in your reservation confirmation. They will have the details of your transfer in advance and will leave you directly at the address you indicate when making the reservation.

If your destination has vehicle access restrictions, we will drop you off and pick you up at the nearest accessible passenger loading / unloading point.